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5 Adoption Stories and Bloggers Who are Raw and Real

Adoption is absolutely, one hundred percent a beautiful picture used to explain the depth and width of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But just like our stories of redemption are not clean and without mess, neither are earthly stories of adoption.

In continued honor of National Adoption Month, we wanted to connect you with five bloggers who have shared their heart with their readers about the reality of adoption.

Ransom for Israel will give you a punch in the gut and a hope in Jesus to look to all at the same time. Her blog is not popular with everyone, as she has received hate mail for posting real pictures of what life can be like in an orphanage. We can imagine her pleading through every word she writes on the blog for more of us to take seriously our call to care for the orphan and widow. We especially love her post about the awful grace of God. and her personal story about accepting responsibility for her own involvement in adoption.

Grace While We Wait is the blog by Jessica Satterfield. She seems to be the all-American, hipster-type of mom for our generation of millennials, but she is far from perfect and totally real about that. Parents afraid to adopt will relate to her story. “Brandon and I had been trying to get pregnant for three years. After year two, he insisted we meet with an adoption agency. I cried walking in, because I truly didn’t believe I could love a child who didn’t grow in my belly. I wasn’t ready. But he was.”

Susannah Baker shares her family’s journey with adoption and soaks it up, both the joys and the struggles. Susannah lives in Houston and also shares a bit about what life has been like after hurricane Harvey. We relate to Susannah’s heart when she writes, “I am writing a confession, instead of a bio, so that you can know a little more about me. A confession because confessional living is more and more how I seem to live.”

Frazer Adoption is the adoption blog spin-off from blogger Sarah E. Frazer. She writes about adoption on both blogs, but she shares the family’s updates on the adoption blog. We think her original blog is easier to navigate, so look for a post you like there, and if it’s shared fully on the adoption blog, just click over. They are currently expecting to welcome another adopted child into their family very soon.

Dana Butler made one master roundup post of all the different post she’s written about the adoption of her daughter in 2014, but she hasn’t stopped sharing about her raw and real heart in loving both her children and her husband, who recently stepped away from the Christian faith. Follow along with her in her journey. She lives up to her promise to be totally real.


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