Challenge From Others Tough Love 

5 Resources to Help You Decide if Food is Your Idol

Yesterday, we posted an encouragement for those struggling with food addiction, but today we want to help rebuke an exhort those among us who wonder if food is an idol yet are undecided. These resources will help you think and examine your own life to decide if you indeed see food as an idol, either given toward excess or toward... Read More
Encouragement From Us Soul Balm 

Stay Strong Against Food Addiction this Holiday Season

The Holidays are quickly approaching and soon repentant food addicts will be bombarded on every side with temptations. We want to remind you to stay strong and remember that the unpleasantness of the moment and the temptation from friends and family is momentary. All suffering and discipline is momentary, but it will reap amazing fruits of self-control, perseverance, and righteousness.... Read More
From Others True Stories 

5 Adoption Stories and Bloggers Who are Raw and Real

Adoption is absolutely, one hundred percent a beautiful picture used to explain the depth and width of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But just like our stories of redemption are not clean and without mess, neither are earthly stories of adoption. In continued honor of National Adoption Month, we wanted to connect you with five bloggers who have shared their... Read More
Ministries Reviews and Resources 

8 Gospel-Centered Adoption Funds and Loans for Adoptive Parents

Adoption is a high calling, but it isn’t cheap. If costs come due before donations and fundraisers, parents will need other options for paying costs without going into debt. Simply put, these resources are Gospel-centered and have been vetted by an outside agency to ensure their good stewardship. Many also have resources to help your church get involved in the... Read More
Books Reviews and Resources 

5 Books to Read Before You Go Overseas for Ministry

There are so many books that will get believers hyped up about going overseas, but it’s important to prepare for the realities life overseas will bring. This post contains affiliate links, which do not add anything to the cost of your purchase but do help support the administrative costs of this website.   Christian Heroes: Then & Now Series Though... Read More
Love From Us Stir Up Love 

50+ Things You Can Do for Your Refugee Neighbors

From 2010 to 2013, my husband and I worked and lived among refugees resettled in the US. We worked with all sorts of refugees from every country and culture type imaginable. There were some who were physically and mentally disabled and others who had doctorates in their home countries. Nonetheless, we always found some way to love them. Here’s a... Read More
Challenge From Us Tough Love 

Do Not Seek Your Own Glory

This article is a rebuke and exhortation classified under our “tough love” section. If you know you’re not ready for that and need encouragement, check out the “soul balm” version here. Have an idea for a challenge? Let us know at Reading through Proverbs and taking in each word dripping with wisdom can be difficult for readers, as each... Read More
Encouragement From Us Soul Balm 

Seeking God’s Glory is Good for You

This article is an encouragement classified under our “soul balm” section. If you know these truths and need a challenge, check out the “tough love” version here. Have an idea for encouragement?  Let us know at On October 31, Protestants all around the world celebrated the Reformation’s 500th year anniversary. One of the tenants of the Reformation is “Soli Deo Gloria” which... Read More
Music Reviews and Resources 

5 Upbeat Christian Songs with Theologically Rich Lyrics

We’re always looking for great new music that will point us to the truths of the Gospel. We don’t discriminate except in the case of country (sorry). We’ll just have to trust our readers with that genre. Everything from rap, hip-hop, EDM, bluegrass, folk and more can be sent our way for review. Tip us off at  1 – Rend... Read More